Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Dimensions of Opinion Poll Concerning Zionist Threats to World Peace

If an opinion poll were to be conducted in the Islamic world concerning the Zionist regime, without the least doubt the Muslims will unanimously call for uprooting of this cancerous tumor. The verdict is clear. Israel is an artificial and usurper state. It has committed crimes against humanity. It is the source of tension, insecurity and instability in not only the Middle East but in the world. But what has amazed political observers and even the western officials were the views expressed by the majority of citizens of countries forming the European Union. In an opinion poll conducted by the European Commission last October, 59 percent of people considered Israel as the greatest threat to world peace. Figures differed in the 15 EU states with 74 percent in the Netherlands holding Israel as the greatest threat to world peace. Austrians came second with 69 percent while the figures for Italy were just below 50 percent, the lowest among all EU states concerning the Zionist threat. The result of the European Commission Opinion Poll is of significant because while European governments have reluctantly toed the American line of support for Israel, the European people have often been accused of anti-Jewish tendencies. It is a sad fact that most of the European media are either owned by the Zionists or under the influence of the Zionists and usually release news in favor of Israel and its crimes against humanity. The European media tries to keep people in the dark about the real nature of the racist state of Israel and its atrocities against the oppressed Palestinian people the real owners of the country that was illegitimately created in 1948 as Israel. However, despite the factors the European people have rightly pointed at Tel Aviv as the greatest threat to world peace, and if they were to be better informed about events in Occupied Palestine, they will certainly respond with one voice that Israel is a non-entity and the greatest danger to world peace and stability.

The opinion poll proved that lies and deceit are like a cloud that covers the sun for a while but finally fades away as sunlight exposes the realities, a fact that is forgotten by those segments of the western media which try to hide the facts from people. The views of 60 percent of the West Europeans on the war-mongering nature of the Zionist regime should not be ignored by EU officials. They ought to respect the views of their people and accordingly rectify their policies concerning the chronic question of Palestine. The western media should also try to be honest, at least with their own people, and disclose the dimensions of the criminal nature of the Zionist regime. After all, world peace is more important than support for a racist and terrorist entity that has scant regard for all internationally accepted laws and norms, especially in view of the fact that in this era of technology and telecommunications, the data dissemination sources are diversified and European people can receive the facts from different sources including the internet sites. In fact, the Western European people should be commended for keeping their ears and eyes sharp on the realities in Palestine and not believing in the trash dished out by the Zionist-controlled mass media in favor of Israel. Tel Aviv is undoubtedly the greatest threat to world peace and security and it is also interesting to note that the Europeans regard the unilateral policies of the George Bush administration of the US as the second biggest threat to planet earth.

It is heartening to note that the heroic Intifada and the plight of the Palestinian people has attracted the attention of the Europeans and people almost all over the world to the real dangers posed to global stability in this age of globalization. The rightful resistance of an oppressed nation against the usurpers of their homeland has made the right impact and drawn public sympathy. Observers believe that if an opinion poll is conducted in the US which is the greatest support of the Zionist regime most American people too will term the Zionist regime a threat to the international peace and security. As a matter of fact, the increasing isolation of the Zionist regime among the world people and the disclosure of the regime’s crimes have scared and worried the Zionists. It is for this reason that after the release of the results of the recent opinion poll conduced by the European Commission the Zionists have reacted angrily and condemned the opinion poll. Israel is even trying to put pressures on European governments and has resorted to the old worn out trick of complaining of anti-Semitism, when the fact cannot be denied that the Jews make up only a fraction of the Semitic race, whose overwhelming majority are the Arabs including the oppressed Palestinians. Moreover, most of the Zionist officials and the migrants who came from Europe to Palestine between the two world wars, especially those of Russian stock, have no relation to the great Semitic people, and are of Slavic origin. Thus, anti-Semitism has no meaning since the predominant majority of Semites are Muslims and not Jews. It is also clear that the Europeans have condemned the Zionists for savagery and not Judaism or the Jews. Zionism is a racist, discriminatory, irreligious, fascist and terrorist doctrine while the Jewish religion is only a cover to hide the anti-human nature of the founders and officials of the illegal entity called Israel.

The posturing of some European officials against the opinion poll conducted by the European commission was noteworthy. Italy, as the EU’s rotational chairman, expressed discontent over the views of most West European nationals. So great is the pressure on Rome that despite the fact that the Zionists openly insult Prophet Jesus and heap abuses on his mother, the Virgin Mary, Italian Prime Minister Silivio Berlusconi in a telephone contact with the Zionist Prime Minister Ariel Sharon apologized for the results of the opinion poll. These humiliating remarks indicate the influence of the Zionist lobby among the European governments. It seems the EU officials, who claim to have been elected by public vote, disrespect the views of their own people. However, observers believe that the results of the recent opinion poll indicated that despite the frantic efforts of Israel, Zionist influence in Europe is on the decline. The Britain daily Guardian after the release of the opinion poll wrote: the result of the opinion poll showed the gap between Europe and Israel is increasing. The European people consider Israel the main factor responsible for failure of the Middle East peace talks. It is hoped that the results of the recent opinion poll, which clearly showed that Europeans consider the Zionist regime as the greatest threat to world peace, would grant a new opportunity to EU governments to rectify their stand by withdrawing support for Israel and backing the struggle of the Palestinian people to regain their birthrights.