Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Does your vote count in America?

The following article is by John Anast that published on the US-based al-Jazeerah Info Center.

AIPAC makes political contributions to ensure that your vote and in fact your opinions are largely ignored by members of the US Congress. In a State like Kentucky, which has almost no Zionist advocate, Senator Mitch McConnell toes the Zionist line with legislation encouraging the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. Why? Likely because Mr. McConnell received 368,675 dollars in "political" donations from AIPAC. How many of the good people of Kentucky realize that their vote has been marginalized, and that their senator is owned and controlled by racists. Why else would Mr. McConnell adhere to the Zionist cause?

Every vote cast in the US Congress on behalf of Israel is a vote for the continued ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. It is a vote for the continued racist apartheid policies of Israel.

Even policy votes on national security measures and relations with other nations have become hostage to an aggressive racist Zionist ideology, which places the interests of Israel above those of the United States.

One man, one vote has been replaced with money politics. What US politician in good conscience running for political office in the United States would take money from an organization with the word "Israel" in its name? The minute they do, they have sold out the American public.

People refer to AIPAC as the "Pro-Israeli lobby", but in fact it is a group whose purpose is to support a foreign government by manipulating the election process. But no major media publishes facts and figures regarding the "donations" made by AIPAC. One shocker is democrat Daniel Inouye from Hawaii, a person of color who supports the systematic ethnic cleansing of another people of color for just 175,175 dollars from AIPAC.

It may be time to forego the notion of voting for either republican of democrat and to examine the source of the money behind each candidacy. We must educate the American voter and expose the shenanigans of those who use deception to deny voters their rights. We need candidates who represent America not the agents of a foreign government or country. No other country in the entire world allows political contributions to be made on the basis, desires or perceived needs of any foreign country. In accordance with the Bill of Rights all aid voted for the Jewish state by the US Congress is likely unconstitutional. Where is the open public debate in the media or within the halls of Congress itself?

The conspiracy of silence in the Zionist controlled mainstream media is testimony to the fact that Americans are to be kept stupid and in dark about the facts and corruption of their elected leaders. It is high time to publish the facts and figures in each major and local newspaper listing all political contributions and religious affiliation prior to every election and allow the American people to decide.

Still, the facts speak for themselves. The fact that the racist regime of Israel still receives 15 million dollars per day from US taxpayer money, the fact that 150 billion dollars have been spent so far in Iraq, the overriding fact that those dollars are not spent in America for healthcare or education, but in foreign lands to ensure ethnic cleansing and to justify the unnecessary war in Iraq. The fact that classified military technology still makes it way to Israel and that Israel has increased its espionage activities in the United States all prove beyond any doubt that America’s political system and indeed its politicians are corrupt.