Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hollywood, A Safe Haven For Zionism (1)

The Zionist movement that was founded in the late 19th century by Austrian Jew Theodore Hertzel has now spread like a spider web in countries like the US, dominating almost all American cultural, social, political and economic organs. When the New World was discovered, European colonialists, attracted by the abundant and virgin wealth of America, began migrating in large numbers to the new continent. Among them were some Jewish capitalists spurred by their covetousness for more wealth as well as the desire to breath free air, away from persecution from Europe. After a while, following the rebellion of the heavily taxed colonists against the British crown and the birth of the US, the crafty Jews started feeling the pulse of politics and economy in the new country. They realized the bonanza ahead although they knew that their numbers were not in proportion to their huge financial power. These wealthy Jews looked back across the Atlantic and encouraged their co-religionists to migrate to the America along with whatever wealth they had secretly accumulated in Europe, where the word Jew was synonymous for a despised miser.

The birth of the Zionist movement in the closing years of the 19th century came as a needed impetus to the Jews in the US. Very soon they spread their economic tentacles around the unsuspecting Christians through a widespread trade network involving alcoholic drinks, antiques, narcotics, gambling dens and money lending with high usury rates that evolved into the banking system. The economic clout made American Jews make a bid for political control of the US, and as per the protocols of the elders of Zionism, they found the press and the cinema as the most vital means of pursuing their ambitions. They thus moved into cinema in a big way with most pioneers of the American film industry being the first batch of European migrants such as Louis Meyer, Samuel Goldwyn, the Warner Brothers, and Irving Berlin. They first invested hugely in the cinema halls and theatres before embarking on film production. Eventually, these articulate Jews challenged the monopoly of film production that belonged to the famous inventor Thomas Alva Edison and his company in New York and the east coast, and founded their own cinema industry in the Hollywood suburb of Los Angeles in California in the west. Soon the rich Zionist migrants from Europe set up huge studious in the in the 1920s and started their rule of the film world at a time when poor European Jews were flooding into British-controlled Palestine to sow the seditious seeds of the illegal entity called Israel. Some of these studios that ruled the American minds unrivalled were Metro-Goldwyn Meyer, Universal, Paramount, Colombia, 20th Century Fox and Warner Brothers. The films with their glamorous scenes of seductive women, biblical themes, science fiction and espionage dramas with a liberal dose of nudity, violence, suspense and even magic, became a handy tool to lull the minds of the Christian majority and establish Zionist hegemony over the US. Jewish producers emerged as absolute rulers with directors and actors served under their command. During the world war years and its aftermath, films featured Nazi bashing and the supposed heroics of the Americans. In this way, Zionism took complete control of the film industry, fast eroding traditional American values and replacing them with the culture of drug addiction, promiscuity, breakdown of law and order and disintegration of the Christian families. Cheap commercialization ultimately proved to be the bane of the US society with Church attendance falling to an all time low while figures released by cinema houses showed that 75 percent of Americans went to the cinema at least once a week.

The Zionists used different cinematic methods to pretend its merger with the mainstream American society to the extent that the wealthy Jewish Film Producer, Louis Meyer calling himself as a true blue Yankee and celebrating his birthday on July 4, the American independence day.

The myth of the holocaust was enacted time and again on the silver screen to dupe the American public into believing this preposterous lie to be a historical reality. At the same time, Zionist propagandists used the same fascist doctrine of Nazism to promote in the American and society the superiority of the Israelites and their right to occupy the lands of the supposedly barbaric Arabs. Today, 57 years since the illegal birth of Israel on Palestinian land, Hollywood follows the same Zionist tendency without Americans ever suspecting how deep cancerous tumour had spread in their traditionally Christian society. So hypnotic was the effect that the Zionists made Americans indifferent towards Israel’s horrific crimes against the poor Palestinian people. When Europeans started to realize the magnitude of the Zionist plot during the 1990s, Hollywood came with such deceptive films as Schindler’s List, which portrays the supposed sufferings of Jews until the emergence of the so-called promised state of Israel and their deliverance. These films were designed to reduce the growing anti-Zionist feelings among the Europeans.

The activity of the Zionists in Hollywood is not limited to production of film alone but they made use of every opportunity to stabilize their situation. For instance during the 6-day June 1967 Israeli war against frontline Arabs states, American Actor, Jack Warner arranged a grand party for fund raising for the Zionist regime with famous such as Frank Sinatra and Burt Lancaster taking part. The party netted over 150,000 dollars for Israel’s cause. This shows how skillfully the Zionists used their financial and political clout in Britain and the US to mislead public opinion regarding their inhuman crimes against the poor Palestinian people. Famous American Actor, Charlton Heston, an enthusiastic supporter of Zionism confirms the reality that Hollywood is under the hegemony of the Zionists. He admits that there is no actor in Hollywood who dares to utter a word against Zionism, for he will be condemned.

Source: http://english.irib.ir/political/israel.htm