Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hollywood, A Safe Haven For Zionism (2)

Yesterday we traced the arrival of Europe’s persecuted Jews in the new world and how after the birth of Zionism, the wealthy Zionist migrants took control of American and by setting up the Hollywood film industry in Los Angeles, California, manipulated public opinion in the US through glamour, sex, violence, science fantasies, biblical themes etc. At the same time, the cinema became a tool for promoting Zionist thoughts and portraying the Arabs and Muslims as retarded people inclined towards terrorism. So articulate was the portrayal that a even the innocent minds of children were molded according to Zionist designs and a whole generation of Americans grew up thinking that the illegal entity called Israeli is a legitimate state. The name of Walt Disney is familiar all over the world and most children and even adults well know his animation characters. But few know that Walt Disney Company has been taken over by the Zionist lobby and its famous animation characters are being distorted from their original role as pure entertainment to the symbols of Jews constantly threatened by stronger and brutal rivals whom they eventually overcome through his smartness.

Such works have a great effect in presenting an unreal model to children and teenagers. An example is the Tom and Jerry animation, where Jerry, the clever mouse, outwits Tom, the stupid cat. Through these cartoons, the Zionists comparing themselves to a mouse terrorized by a cat seek to attract public sympathy in their favor. Another example is “Jumbo, the Flying Elephant” in which unlike other elephants wearing hawk bell cap, Jumbo’s mother uses a Jewish skullcap and lives in captivity on the charge of defending its child. Jumbo forced to act in a circus hoists a flag like that of the Zionist regime.

Although, the Ugly Duckling animation is based on an old story, specific image manifestations have been used in it. The ugly character of the film turns into a pretty swan and at the end of the film it flies towards the sun. This is meant to symbolize that the Jews, persecuted and made to wander, finally achieve prosperity only when they go to the Promised Land. The phrase “flying towards the sun” among the Jews is considered a reference for return to the so-called Promised Land.

The Zionist viewpoint dominating Walt Disney films has resulted in the production of animations and films on the life of divine Prophets, like the Ark of Noah, the Life of Moses and the Life of Joseph. The producers claim to have adapted these accounts from the Jewish Torah, but a closer look reveals that the stories have been twisted and distorted to suit Zionist interests even if it means attributing negative points to divine prophets, who were free of all faults.

Even the films supposedly made for children by Hollywood have not remained unsullied from the contamination of Zionist thoughts. For instance the story of a child deprived of his inheritance or separated from the warm bosom of his or her mother, is meant to somehow remind of a so-called oppressed Jew who has been kept away from his motherland. Such films selectively quote from the scriptures with clear references to the land Palestine, which the Jews consider it wrongfully to be of their promised land. Among other Hollywood productions made on the basis of Zionist ideas is the series titled “Alone at Home”, which depicts the life of a lonely child exposed to the enemies’ attack. But the child smartly overcomes the enemies and punishes them severely. A simple glance at the theme of these films, is enough to convince that they implicitly refer to Israel’s wars against the Arabs. In this series, the child is introduced as a symbol of a superior race and his enemies as idiot persons blocking his way to his safe home. Another glaring example of such Zionist scheming to brainwash viewers through Hollywood films is the animation “The King’s Lion”. In this cartoon, the lion is the symbol of Jewish hegemony over the world and according to the distorted version of the Torah: The heir of Jacob among nations will be like a lion in the forest, a ferocious lion among sheep that tears apart others and no one can hinder it. The Israelites will also stand against their enemies and annihilate them.

Thus, it is clear, cinema has become a media to propagate Zionist ideas with Hollywood serving as the vehicle to reach the world. A western Christian thinker says: Zionism has brainwashed world bodies by controlling and manipulating international news agencies. They fill up the minds of our youths and children with immoral films and whatever they want. By screening a two-hour film, the Zionists disturb the traditions and culture that teachers, schools, and families have taught for months on end.

Source : http://english.irib.ir/political/israel.htm