Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Influence of the Zionist Lobby in the US Structures

Official documents released by the US Administration indicate that over the past 56 years, the Zionist regime has received hundreds of billion of dollars in governmental and non- governmental aid from America. But as we said these are mere de-classified official documents and no one except the Zionist Lobby and the White House so far knows, the actual amount of American money flowing into the illegal entity called Israel.

The Zionist regime with a population of around 6 million is the main receiver of foreign aid from the US congress. The economic and military aid it has received for the 52 years from 1948 to 2000, is more than the total foreign aid Washington has given to all African, Latin American and Caribbean countries put together, with a combined population running into several hundred million people. A third of the US foreign aid budget flows into the coffers of Israel, which has the highest figures related to annual per capita income.

US military and financial aid during the first 19 years of the illegal existence of Israel was a hundred million dollars per year. After the June 1967 war and the occupation of more Palestinian territories by the Zionist entity, Washington increased its aid. From 1971 American aid to Israel was one billion dollars annually. From 1976 it rose to 2.5 billon dollars, and presently it stands at 3 billion dollars per year. Official figures indicate that the US has so far spent 134 billion dollars of the American taxpayers’ money for the survival of the terrorist and racist state of Israel. In other words, the US annually gives 23,000 dollars to every Israeli citizen. The actual expenditure is far higher and has not been disclosed because of possible fears of backlash from the American public. These figures do not include the donations collected in the US by the way of so-called charity funds that also run into billions of dollars. In 1987 the US congress passed a law according to which out of public taxes, 1.2 billion dollars were to be given to Israel as economic aid and 1.8 billion dollars as military aid. In addition, the US provides the Zionist regime with state-of-the-art military technology such as F-16 fighter planes, and has even assisted it in making nuclear warheads. Half of the military equipment in Israel is supplied by the US, and these include missiles, helicopters and radar systems.

The US government by passing a bill exempting casinos from paying taxes has taken another step for funding the Zionist regime’s budget, since most of the gambling dens in the US are controlled by Zionists. But despite all this aid, the Zionist regime is still facing 11 percent inflation and an employment rate of 13 percent. The military suppression of the Palestinians and the resulting economic recession has made Israeli economy totally dependent on American capital. According to estimates, in the current fiscal year the US economy would face a budget deficit of up to 537 billion dollars, because of having to shoulder the burden of the illegal state of Israel. In the 1990s American officials tried work out a peace pact, although one-sided, between the Arabs and the Zionist regime, in order to help Israel stand on its feet, and also to lessen the expenditure to this regime. However, due to the Zionist regime’s racist and expansionist policies, not only the so-called peace plan of the White House officials did not materialize but now the Zionist regime’s economy due to the crisis created by Ariel Sharon has become totally dependent on US financial aid more than at any other time.
Source : http://english.irib.ir/political/israel.htm