Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Influence of the Zionist Lobby in the US Structures (Part3 )

The most influential Jewish body at the US Congress is the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee or AIPAC as it is known by its abbreviation. It garners the majority of votes among all pressure groups in the US government. Therefore, AIPAC is of great significance to all US congressmen. During the 1960s, a US congressman wrote in his diary that: “When I was elected as a congressman from Springfield, Illinois in 1967, in one of the meetings with the congressmen I criticized Israel’s June 6 military invasion of Syria. The Michigan Representative, William Brumfield told me with a smile on his face that what you said the AIPAC manager will hear. I realized that this was true.”

AIPAC is even aware of the private conversations of the US congressmen especially about the US policy on the Middle East and if anyone criticizes the Zionist regime, his situation will certainly be endangered. AIPAC is actually considered one of the most powerful pro-Israeli Jewish organizations in America and has 200 Jewish groups as affiliated members. It means that about 2 million Jews support AIPAC through political or charity activities while other Jews express their loyalty by presenting financial aid to AIPAC. The commission has 50,000 members and annually by holding 200 meetings with US congressmen, it approves 100 bills in favor of Israel. The approval of the US Congress free 3 billion-dollar aid to Israel every year and opposition to Iran’s peaceful use of nuclear energy top the AIPAC agenda.

AIPAC’s official newspaper is the Near East Report. It has a circulation of 60,000 copies per day and most of the issues are bought by Jewish organizations. The rest are sent free of charge to newspaper offices and members of the US House of Representatives and the Senate as well as the high-ranking government and political figures in the US. AIPAC explicitly supports the Zionist regime’s policies. Therefore, in many cases, there is a precise and calculated coordination between the positions of the US government and Israel. In 1981 when Israeli planes bombarded Iraq’s atomic power plant, AIPAC immediately supported the Zionist regime’s measure. Its information network acts very strongly. It has a widespread and powerful propaganda network. If a representative votes in favor of Israel, his news will immediately released through the AIPAC-affiliated publications and he will be appreciated. In case he speaks against Israeli and AIPAC ideals, he will be condemned immediately. AIPAC members have easy telephone access to all US lawmakers. It is also worthy to note that AIPAC has secret files on all US lawmakers and keeps under watch their activities.

AIPAC is openly involved in the election campaigns of the US Senate and Congress. AIPAC by taking advantage of 54 pro-Israeli-American associations tries to garner more votes in favor of candidates that are considered close to Israel. It spends colossal sums of money to buy the required votes in favor of their desired candidates. US Jewish political associations known as PAC are engaged in secret activities and they do not reveal the name of their members and even their affiliation to AIPAC. PAC embarks on fund-raising from American citizens especially the Jews inside and outside the US. The Daily Wall Street writes in this regard: “The high-ranking members of the US House of Representatives and Senate all believe that it is the money of the Jewish political associations which greatly affects the scene of the US foreign and local policy. It is noteworthy that whenever the US Congress Commission of Foreign Affairs wishes to make decision about the US aid to Israel, at least one AIPAC member should attend the meeting so that no one can prevent granting of financial and political aid to Israel. AIPAC is also heavily involved in US cultural circles. None of the US cultural personalities are immune from AIPAC threats and pressures. The well-known American Linguist and Political Expert, Noam Chomsky is among the people who are under the watch of pro-Israeli pressure groups. In this regard, Chomsky says: "At the end of every conference and speech which I deliver the details of my statements are reported to Jewish organizations and go into the file they have on me."

AIPAC has announced that one of its main goals is to counter Iran through pressure on the US government and determination of Washington’s Middle East policy in favor of Israel. The day after the September 11, 2002 incident the Zionists tried to reap the maximum benefits. The Zionist regime’ weakness against the Palestinian combatant groups and its failure in imposing its desired peace on Syria, Lebanon and Palestine has caused AIPAC to intensify its propagandist war against Muslims.

Therefore, the AIPAC Lobby by relying on the theory of Samuel Huntington referred to the September 11 incident as a starting point for the war of civilizations and made a wide effort to involve the west and Muslims in a new crusade. Huntington’s assumption of war of civilizations and his warnings that after the end of Cold War, the spread of revolutionary Islam and Islamic fundamentalism are the main threat to the security and interests of the west has caused the Zionists to take advantage of what they see as a golden opportunity to encourage the west to a full-fledged war against Muslim countries and specially the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Source: http://english.irib.ir/political/israel.htm