Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Israel is the US Demise

The following article is by Josh Frank ,a journalist living in New York City.

It is well known that the pro-Israel lobby has been at the forefront in campaign contributions since the late 1980s. Buying access and influencing policy has been their forte. From Republicans to Democrats, pro-Zionist factions wield much power in Washington. The American Israel Affairs Committee has been the most active of these forces; ranking in at number four on top ten most effectual lobbying groups in the US. Although Committee has business partners on both sides of the aisle, Democrats reap the most benefits, accepting over 20 million dollars more than the Republicans since 1990.

The Clinton Administration was especially notorious for its ties to the Zionist lobby. Acting President of Committee during the time, Steven Grossman, spent many nights in the Clinton White House. Grossman was also the Chair of the Democratic National Committee from 1996-99, and now heads the fundraising campaign of presidential candidate Howard Dean.

So what Middle-East direction shall the US take if progressives decide to unite and dump Bush? It's becoming more and more apparent that Democrats won’t endorse any populist platform.

Unfortunately, it may signal the demise of the US peace and security as well. The largest threats to the US security stem directly from the US backing of Israel. Similar to the US involvement in Colombia, and the outrageous "Plan Colombi," which isn’t about halting coca production, but about protecting oil interests. The US support of Israel is also not about security, it’s about an old alliance, that's out of Americans control and is dangerous. The US is financially supporting a brutal occupation.

The US involvement will inevitably lead to more severe terrorist strikes in the United States. Whether its simultaneous suicide bombings on New York subways, or poisoning of water systems in Boise, the likelihood of being attacked has rarely been greater. For that reason alone, opposition Party leaders, Democratic Presidential candidates in particular - should adamantly oppose the funding of Sharon’s Zionist government of Israel.

Howard Dean has been attacked for his centrist stance on the issue. Stating that the US must not take sides in the conflict never once denouncing the US funding of Israel with over 134 billion dollars handed over since 1949.

The Zionist Lobby may have their way with Dean soon enough. They've already secured the loyalty of two of Dean’s harshest pro-Israel critics. What does this say for their party as a whole? Will Democratic loyalists press their leaders to take a hard line with Sharon? Will they press them to take sides with Jewish dissidents in Israel.

So where does this leave Americans? Right in the line of fire is where. If anything can be said after three years of Bush, it’s that the US role in the Middle East should be altered indefinitely. Peace doesn’t run through Baghdad, but Jerusalem. Americans need leaders that know this. Not leaders whose campaign employs former Committee lobbyists, apologetic to Israel’s Zionist occupation of Palestine.

However, money buys power. And many Democrats are bought just like Republicans. How much time do Americans have before desperate Palestinian empathizers, sacrifice their lives?

Just like Bush, no Democratic President will reconsider Americans support for the terrorist Likud Party. It will continue to be a one-sided critique of the Palestinian martyrdom seeking fighters, barely mentioning Israel’s bloated military budget, and the terrorism it supports.

Americans tax dollars should not fund religious ventures of any kind-- especially not Sharon's Zionist greed. Americans must admire the thousands of Jewish dissidents working for social justice the Israelis denouncing Sharon, and refusing to serve in the occupied territories. One can only hope their influence over the US politicians could be as great as Committee. Misdirection of US foreign policy can’t emote blind patriotism forever. Sooner or later Americans will suffer the ramifications.

This means progressives must work harder than ever to bring about the drastic changes that are needed. Even if Bush is defeated in 2004, there will still be an enormous amount of work that will need to be done before the Left can claim "victory."

Too bad American demise has been foreshadowed by a bunch of Committee lobbyists who tout their dollars all over Washington. Too bad so many of the US politicians can be bought and sold, regardless of the outcomes. Too bad indeed.