Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Israeli ties with September 11 attacks

The following article has been taken from the Italian Internet Site Come-don-Chisciotte.

In an interview with Fox News presenter Carl Cameron some time ago, an FBI agent said, “The evidence that ties the Israelis with the September 11 attacks is still shrouded in secrecy. I cannot tell you about the evidence, because it is classified information.” And in an interview with Houston’s Channel 11, Ron Hatchett, the former US Defence Department analyst stated, “They behave in such a way that if I were a terrorist I would behave the same.” And finally Senator Bob Graham says, “When the archives are released, this information will be disclosed, however, it won’t happen for another 20 or 30 years.”

It was previously said that 5 Israeli Mosad agents, celebrated the WTC towers attacks, and they were arrested a while afterward in a white van near the George Washington Bridge on suspicious behavior, and spent weeks in solitary confinement.

Still on the same issue, it was said that on 14 September 2001, one Israeli freight company owned by Dominick Suter, was suddenly closed down and the employees headed for Israel in a hurry. However there were a lot more Israelis acting very suspiciously. In October 2001, three Israeli “movers” were arrested in Plymouth for acting suspiciously. They were seen disposing of household goods in the large disposal container of a restaurant.

When the owner of the restaurant approached the driver of the van who looked Middle-Eastern, he made a run for it, and later on, he was identified as Moshe Elmakias. The owner of the restaurant saw the writings on the side of the van, which read, “Moving Systems Incorporated”, and he immediately called the police. When the police identified the van, the two other Israelis behaved strangely and seemed edgy. Their names were Ayelet Reisler and Ron Katar, and they were both arrested. They were carrying a videotape, which the police studied down at the station.

The videotape showed scenes in downtown Chicago, with particular footage of the Sears Towers. The police quickly called in the FBI, and subsequently it was discovered that these Israelis were traveling on forged documents and work permits. They could not even produce the name and telephone number of the client whose furniture they were supposedly moving.

These Israelis were up to something dirty, and it seemed certain that they had nothing to do with the removals business. They could even have been smug and picked the company title: Moving Systems Incorporated which contained the word Mossad in an encrypted form.

In a brief statement on 10th of October 2001, CNN reported of a terrorist conspiracy against the Mexican parliament, and promised to give further details. However, nothing else was said on this. This was while some time later the same news was published on the front pages of Mexican newspapers and also on the Mexican Justice Ministry’s website.

Two suspects were arrested near the Mexican parliament. They had in their possession a powerful handgun and six bombs and a number of plastic explosives (ideal for blowing up buildings). A few days later, the news disappeared from the newspapers and the Israelis were released, and returned to Israel with nothing to worry about. The two Israeli suspects were Salvador Gerson Sunke and Sar Ben Zui.

Sunke was a Mexican-Jew and Zui was a colonel in Mossad. The Mexican “el Diario De Mexico” revealed that the “Zionist terrorists” had fake Pakistani passports, and the probable motive of this attempted attack was to try to drag Mexico in the “war on terrorism.”

Mexico is not militarily a powerful nation; however, the terror by an “Arab” attack would certainly result in Mexico’s supply cheap oil to US allies. Mexican oil being cheaper in the United States, the country would have been able to cope better, if it had to sever relations with oil rich Arab states, Saudi Arabia in particular.

It becomes clear now why the September 11 attacks chose 15 terrorists that were citizens of Saudi Arabia. A lot of Mexicans were shocked to hear about the release of the two Israelis. However, it comes to no surprise; for the Mexican Foreign Relations Minister is a Zionist called Jorge Gutman.

Zionism’s tentacles have even reached Mexico. “La Voz De Aztlan” newspaper disclosing a remarkable investigation, announced that it had information that the US Ambassador in Mexico had taken a hard and powerful stance towards releasing the two Israelis. Several top level meetings were held between Jorge Gutman, General Machedo de la Kunka, and an emissary from Ariel Sharon in New Mexico.

In November 2001, six Israeli suspects were arrested in an unspecified State. They were carrying cutter blades and oil pipeline and nuclear installation plans. The local police, who had been tipped off by Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) agents, let the detained men go without even telling the FBI.

Dailies such as the Jerusalem Post, Miami Herald, and the Times of London, all printed this news, They even also mentioned FBI’s fury over the matter. The Jewish terrorists were planning to attack a mosque in California. In December 2001, the LA Times reported that two Jewish terrorists were arrested by the FBI, on charges of attempted assassination of an Arab Israeli Knesset member by the name of Darrell Issa, and planning an attack on a California mosque.

Irv Rubin and Earl Kruger, who were both from the Jewish Defence League (JDL), were charged with planning to blow up a building. This news also very quickly disappeared from the media. In May 2002, another van was intercepted in the Oak Harbor district of Washington DC. This district is close to the Whidbey Naval Air Station.

Fox News reported that the van had been stopped for breaking the speed limit at midnight. The occupants of the van told the police that they were moving furniture. However, since it was in the middle of the night, the police officers did not buy the story. A trained sniffer dog found TNT and RDX explosives in the van. Both Fox News and the Ha 'arets’ newspaper reported that the occupants of the van were Israelis.

In December 2002, Ariel Sharon gave a surprising and unexpected item of news, and announced that the al-Qaeda operatives had an active presence in Israel. But when Palestinian authorities arrested the suspects they confessed they were Palestinians just playing the parts of al-Qaeda agents on the orders of Mossad.

In an article, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that “Palestinian security forces have arrested members of a Palestinian group who were collaborating with Israel, but pretending to be al-Qaeda agents in Israel.” These arrests took place two days after Ariel Sharon made the announcement on al-Qaeda agents being active in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

These claims were very astonishing, because it’s just enough to note that the Gaza Strip is under Israeli Security Forces tight control.

Attention must be turned towards the number and situation of Israeli spies who were arrested between 2000 and 2001. According to Fox News, from late 2000 through the whole of 2001, around 200 Israeli spies were arrested in total. This is the largest number of spies that have been discovered in the United States. The Washington Post even reported that some of them had been arrested during the September 11 attacks investigations.