Tuesday, August 22, 2006



Rachel Corrie was beautiful on both the inside and out. Her concern for the suffering of the Palestinians made her an enemy of the Zionist criminals who run Israel and the United States. So they deliberately ran over her with a bulldozer as she tried to save the home of a Palestinian family. This murder was committed in broad daylight and with Rachel wearing a bright orange jacket while speaking into a bullhorn. She was young. She was American. She was beautiful...and she was run over by an Israeli bulldozer which was paid for by American tax dollars. Israel claimed the incident was an "unfortunate accident." Are you proud America?


Twelve year old Mohammed Al Durra and his dad were going to look at a car which Mr. Al Durra wanted to buy. On the way there, they were caught in a shootout between Israeli soldiers and Arab rebels. The Israelis began shooting directly at Mohamed and his dad even though they were clearly unarmed and cowering in fear. Mr. Al-Durra begged the Israeli soldiers to stop shooting at him and his crying son. (Note the near miss bullet holes behind them). Mohamed was killed and his dad was paralyzed. The ambulance driver who came to help was also murdered by Israeli butchers whose bullets were paid for with US tax dollars. Israel claimed the incident was an "unfortunate accident". Are you proud America?


In 1967, an unarmed US navy communications ship, the USS Liberty, was attacked in broad daylight by Israeli torpedo boats and fighter jets. Thirty five US sailors were killed and 170 wounded in a 45 minute onslaught that was carried out with the US flag flying prominently. Israel claimed the incident was an "unfortunate accident". But the lucky American survivors tell quite a different story. The purpose of the attack was to kill all of the Americans and leave the Egyptians to take the blame for it. Are you proud America? The survivors of the murderous attack operate an excellent website at http://www.ussliberty.org/

These three 'accidents" only scratch the surface of the evil that is Israel. Why does the USA allow this happen? Why are US taxpayers FORCED to pay for this? Why are we going to war against Iraq? What was the real story of 9-11? Read STRANGER THAN FICTION and you're eyes will be opened!!!

Source : http://whatreallyhappened.com/unfortunateaccidents.html