Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Look at the Powerful Jewish Lobby in the United States

For decades Israel has violated well-established rules of international law and defied numerous United Nations resolutions in its occupation of Palestine in extra-judicial killings, and in its repeated acts of military aggression. It comes as most of the world regards Israel’s policies, and especially its oppression of Palestinians, as outrageous and criminal. This international consensus is reflected, for example, in numerous UN resolutions which have been approved with overwhelming majority. So, the Zionist regime of Israel could not keep up with its killing of Palestinians unless it enjoyed the support of a major power. Mark Weber, the director of the Institute for Historical Review, discusses the reasons which have let Tel Aviv keep going with its crimes in the occupied Palestine. He believes one reason is the Powerful Jewish Lobby in the United States. Let’s see how he goes back deep into half a century to quote those who have been vocal about the issue:

United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan recently said: “the whole World is demanding that Israel withdraw from occupied Palestinian territories. I don't think the whole world can be wrong”. In the United States most politicians and the media still fervently support Israel and its policies. For decades the US has provided Israel with crucial military, diplomatic and financial backing, including more than 3 billion dollars each year in aid.

Why is the U.S. the only remaining bastion of support for Israel?

Although Jews make up only about three percent of the US population, they wield immense power and influence. Since the 1960s, Jews have come to wield considerable influence in American economic, cultural, intellectual and political life. Jews played a central role in American finance during the 1980s, and they were among the chief beneficiaries of that decade's corporate mergers and reorganizations. Stephen Steinlight, former Director of National Affairs of the American Jewish Committee says "Jewish economic influence and power are hugely concentrated in Hollywood, television, and in the news industry.

The influence of American Jews in Washington is somewhat based on the money they contribute to election campaigns. Based on some reports Jews alone contributed 50 percent of the funds for President Bill Clinton's 1996 re-election campaign.

The intimidating power of the "Jewish lobby" is not a new phenomenon, but has long been an important factor in American life.

In 1941 Charles Lindbergh spoke about the danger of Jewish power in the media and government. Lindbergh who is known around for the first solo trans-Atlantic flight, was addressing 7,000 people in Des Moines, Iowa, on September 11, 1941, about the dangers of US involvement in the war then raging in Europe. He said the three most important groups pressing America into war were the British, the Jews, and the Roosevelt administration.

On Jews, he said: "Their greatest danger to this country lies in their large ownership and influence in our motion pictures, our press, our radio, and our government."

In 1978 American scholar Alfred M. Lilienthal wrote in his detailed study, The Zionist Connection that as a result of the Jewish grip on the media news coverage of the Israel-Palestine conflict in American television, newspapers and magazines is relentlessly sympathetic to Israel.

Admiral Thomas Moorer, former Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, has spoken with blunt exasperation about the Jewish-Israeli hold on the United States: I've never seen a President ; I don't care who he is ; stand up to the Israelis. It just boggles the mind. They always get what they want. The Israelis know what is going on all the time. I got to the point where I wasn't writing anything down. If the American people understood what a grip those people have got on our government, they would rise up in arms. Our citizens certainly don't have any idea what goes on.

Today the danger is greater than ever. Israel and Jewish organizations, in collaboration with this country's pro-Zionist groups are prodding the United States into new wars against Israel's enemies. As the French ambassador in London recently admitted, Israel is a threat to world peace. He asked "Why should the world be in danger of World War III because of those people?"

To sum up; Jews wield immense power and influence in the United States. The "Jewish lobby" is a decisive factor in US support for Israel. Jewish-Zionist interests are not identical to American interests. In fact, they often conflict.

As long as the "very powerful" Jewish lobby remains entrenched, there will be no end to the systematic Jewish distortion of current affairs and history, the Jewish-Zionist domination of the U.S. political system, Zionist oppression of Palestinians, the bloody conflict between Jews and Muslims in the Middle East, and the Israeli threat to peace.