Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Myth of Anti-Semitism

May 14 reminds of a bitter event in the contemporary history of the world and the Middle East in particular. On this day in 1948, following years of terrorizing of Palestinians on their own land by waves of illegal Zionist immigrants from Europe, the illegitimate state of Israel was born. Armed Zionist gangs immediately drove away hundreds of thousands of Palestinians and the regime imposed war on neighboring Arab countries. Today, 56 years after the illegal creation of Israel on Palestinian soil by Britain and the big powers through manipulation at the UN, the Zionists continue to massacre the sons of the soil. But the irony is that despite its blatant oppression of, and its inhuman atrocities against Palestinians, the Zionist regime tries to portray itself as oppressed, and raises the dubious issue of anti-Semitism. It wants to tell the word that it is being discriminated against because of its Semitic origin, and unfortunately, the Christian world has taken the bait. Nothing could be far from the truth. The Zionist claim to being Semite is strongly rejected, since most of the Zionist settlers in Palestine are of East European Khazar stock with no ethnic connection to the ancient Israelite tribes. Of course, there are a small number of Jews who are descended from the Israelite tribes, but if the genealogies are to be studied properly, one would find many Palestinian Muslims and Christians who are of Israelite stock since their forefathers had accepted the messages of Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) and Prophet Mohammad (blessings of Allah be upon him and his progeny).

Thus, the Zionist claim to be Semite and actions against them as anti-Semitic racial tendencies is entirely rejected. As a matter of fact the vast number of present day Semites are the Arabs and some of their neighbours. The Zionist drama to play the role of oppressed is rooted in European history. In Europe, in contrast to the privileges the Jews enjoyed in the Muslim world, they were discriminated against, and this led to the coining of the erroneous notion called anti-Semitism in late 19th century and early 20th century Europe. In early 20th century, Zionism exerted itself and with the help of European powers who mischievously harped on the anti-Semitic theory by allowing Jews to migrate in tens of thousands to the Arab-Islamic land of Palestine on the pretext that the ancient Israelites were based in a part of this land. The Zionists succeeded through tricks and distortion to claim that the Jews were a nation in need of a land. This is how they entered Palestine and spared no evil effort to work towards the creation of the Zionist entity. Adolf Hitler’s alleged massacre of the Jews came as a tailor-made plot and accelerated the rate of European Jewish migration to Palestine. Actually, it was the Nazi dictator, who because of his racist attitude on the claimed superiority of the Germans blew out of proportion the so-called Semitic connection of the European Jews.

After World War II, the Zionists exploited mistreatment of a fraction of European Jews, when in fact he had killed tens of millions of fellow Christians, and attracted sympathies towards them. Researches have refuted the myth of the holocaust and the alleged figure of 6 million Jews sent to the gas chambers by Hitler. In fact, the total number of Jews throughout Europe, Russia included, did not reach 6 million during the Second World War days. Barely three years after the end of World War 2, the Zionists succeeded in usurping a part of Palestine and calling it Israel. Several researchers are of the opinion that Hitler cooperated with the Zionists and their quest for statehood. French Thinker, Roger Garaudi in his book entitled “The Founding Myths of Israel” has rejected the theory of the holocaust on the basis of documented evidence. Hungarian Writer, Louis Marschalko in his book entitled “The War Winners” writes that there were no more than 1 to 1.5 million Jews when Hitler took power in Germany, and he could have killed not more 500,000 to 600,000 Jews, compared to the tens of millions of Christians that he killed.

France’s Professor, Rubert Frisun published a result of his study of Hitler’s so-called gas chambers in the daily Le Monde in 1978. He writes: "For years toiled in futility for any witness to the claimed gassing of Jews but found none. But instead, I found a very large number of documents to the contrary until I had to discontinue my research because of insults and threats against me.

Such an attitude towards the logical rejection of the myth of the holocaust indicates how much the European governments are under the influence of the Zionists and are prepared to sacrifice their own slogans of democracy and human rights on the alter of Israel. Some of these governments have unfortunately taken the Zionist bate and are blindly harping on anti-Semitism despite the growing awareness of their own peoples against the long term Zionist threat to Europe and the world. In an opinion poll conducted by the European commission in October 2003, over 59 percent of the Europeans considered the Zionist regime the greatest threat to the international peace. This angered Israel and the European officials were forced to apologize. Several seminars were held in the past few months on causes of the European people’s opposition to the Zionist regime and Jews. The most important of them was held on April 28 and 29 in the German capital Berlin with the participation of high-ranking Israeli officials. The Zionist regime attempted at the Berlin conference to depict any criticism of the Zionist regime as anti-Semitism that deserves condemnations. Unfortunately the European governments have accepted this notion, when the savage measures of the Zionists have nothing to do with Judaism. Interestingly, a large number of Jews do not accept Israel. It is matter of regret that while European officials consider the exposure of Israel’s crimes as anti-Semitism they act differently against Muslims. The fact is that the growing sentiments of the European public against Israel has nothing to do with anti-Semitism but lies in the Zionist regime’s suppressive policies against the oppressed people of Palestine. This is a natural, since the Zionist killing of Palestinian men; women and children have aroused worldwide hatred of this illegal entity. The Zionist regime, meanwhile, shamelessly uses the ploy of anti-Semitism as a defence to hide its crimes against humanity in the usurped land of Palestine.