Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Why not a single Israeli citizen died in 9/11 attacks?

The following article has been taken from the Italian Internet Site Come-don-Chisciotte.

Carl Cameron from Fox News recently presented a very interesting investigative TV programme, which was later suspended, and the network went so far in its censorship that it even deleted the programme from its website, only leaving a note saying, “The story does not exist anymore.” Fortunately for the sake of a historical fact, the website pages were downloaded in time and are available in a large number of websites now.

The Fox News programme and other news sources had confirmed that most of the arrested Israelis were war veterans and explosives and electronics experts. Most of them were put through the lie detector test. FBI agents confirmed that a lot of their past investigations had been tampered with. In other words, Israeli technicians invisible warning signals to their spies to escape investigation.

Later it was discovered that Israeli companies such as Comverse and Amdocs had the capability to wiretap US telephone lines. FBI agents told Fox News that the Israelis had a lot of information on the September 11 attacks (which in itself can be an explanation to the fact that not a single Israeli citizen died in the attacks).

On top of this, an American official had informed Fox News that some of the prisoners namely detained Israeli spies were linked to September 11. However he refused to give any further explanations.

The exact words of this official to Fox News were, “The evidence that ties the Israelis with the September 11 attacks is still shrouded in secrecy. I cannot tell you about the evidence, because it is classified information.”

Meanwhile, a small army consisting of Israeli arts students were arrested while they were trying to enter Federal and restricted access buildings. A number of these suspects had been seen lurking around the houses of Federal officials.

Former US Defence Department analyst, Ron Hatchett told Houston’s Channel 11 that he believed these Israeli arts students were in fact spies that would be deployed in future attacks. What things were said in Anna Werner’s First of October 2001 programme? The question was by which foreign groups were Federal buildings in Houston and other cities being guarded? This is what some experts are asking themselves. Particularly after the Federal security officials explained that a group of individuals were acting strangely and curiously they were Israeli arts students.

Hatchett confirms that they behaved in such way that if he were a terrorist he would behave the same. He said, “we need to know whether closed circuit TVs are installed in those buildings or not. What are the entry points into the buildings? How many guards are there? When do they take a break? And none of this has anything to do with customer activities.”

Another source disclosed that there is another “Federal memorandum” that these kinds of activities not only take place in Houston, but they also take place in Dallas, New York, Florida and six other States in the US.

In a report which was broadcast on Houston’s Channel 11 a few days later, it was disclosed that Dallas was under protection. “We said how the arts students tried to infiltrate sensitive sites or at least to try and have them in their control.”

Some stated that this kind of approach could make future assassinations look trivial. OK, now the Federal sources don’t rule out the possibility that all these events were in some way linked to the September 11 attacks, and the reason for this assumption is because of what happened in another Texan city.

At the beginning of the year these so-called “arts students” showed interest in the FBI buildings of Dallas, just as they showed particular interest in the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Earl Cabell Federal Building. It was here that security guards found a student carefully checking out rooms with a plan of the building in his hands.

The Dallas police arrested 15 people in March. Thirteen claimed to be Israelis and two claimed to be Colombian, but according to what some sources say all their passports were forged. And another Federal source confirmed that some of those detained had lists of the names and addresses of Federal officials. All the 15 Israelis were sent back to their country.

It is totally incomprehensible why these explosives expert Israelis had disguised themselves as students, and were roaming around the rooms of Federal buildings, like restless ghost just popping out of anywhere?

Why were the ex-Israeli soldiers in the rooms of the Mexican parliament armed with explosives? Why were these Israeli “removals men” arrested in their vans which contained traces of explosives? Is it possible that a number of suspicious characters may have checked out the rooms of the WTC Towers before the September 11 attacks? Why did some TV news programmes such as 60 Minutes, Nightline and Verse from Verse, and in short all other Zionist produced programmes, not even dedicate a thousandth of the coverage time that they gave to the witch-hunt of the Catholic Church over some gay priest, to the “arts students” or the Israeli removals vans? Or even one-hundred thousandth of the time they cover on Muslims on a daily basis?

One would imagine that the blowing the whistle on these conspiracies would attract a lot of audiences, especially for instance when the Oklahoma City Federal Building was blown up by Timothy McVey in 1995. In any case despite the existence of numerous eyewitnesses most of whom were on the scenes, John Doe was never found. Out of all the mainstream US news channels only Fox tried to put together an investigation, and work cautiously on it. However under Zionists’ pressure it quickly fell silent. This, by itself is criminal evidence!

Before his programme was axed, Carl Cameron announced, “DEA, INS and FBI agents all told Fox that investigating or even commenting on an Israeli espionage operation was a professional suicide.”

If a federal agent tries to just give his/her opinion on Israeli espionage activities, he/she has lost his/her job! And if a journalist such as Carl Cameron tries to blow the lid on this scandal, he is unceremoniously told to keep his mouth shut! And if he persists, he could possibly be labelled as an “anti-Semitist”, a label which for many means kissing their career goodbye!

This indicates that the Zionist mafia does anything it wants, whenever and wherever; it chooses to do so, with leadership, funds, and execution it can hide the truth about the composites that form the truth, and this mafia does all this by itself. It prefers to hide and destroy the truth about the Middle East, September 11 and the distortion of the war on terrorism.

The biggest investigation, interviewing and interrogation operation in US history takes place and passes by, and none of these 200 terrorists have been arrested. But the 200 Israeli spies were identified of course; among them were military men, electronics experts, phone tapers, explosives experts, and even high rise building demolition experts.

History shall one day tell the truth, just as the truth was said about “Pearl Harbor”. What is alarming is that when that time comes, no one will be fussing over the September 11 attacks and the war on terrorism any longer. Americans’ attention span does not go beyond 30 years. Their memory span is around 20 or 30 minutes long, like about the same length of time as a TV commercial!